Our Story

Our Story

Hello!  My name is Shelly Burns, Owner of CrossFit HVL!  It was 17 years ago that the first ideas to combine a Chiropractic and personal training gym began. Active Health was created in 2004 when I opened a small personal training gym and Chiropractic Office in Los Angeles that was opened for 9 years.  In 2007, the now 2010 CrossFit Games Champion, Kristan Clever talked our basketball rec team to do a “WOD”.  We couldn’t walk for days and it was love at first sight. Upon Falling in love with the methodologies of CrossFit, I slowly converted my personal training programming into CrossFit style workouts.  I was getting results and  so were my clients.

I took the CrossFit Level 1 Course and decided to open an Affiliate. With my parents living in Hendersonville, NC and always wanting to be closer to my family, I opened the CrossFit Affiliate map and realized there were no CrossFit gyms here. So, I sold my Active Health personal training gym and Chiropractic office and drove across the country with my furbabies and opened CrossFit HVL in February 2013. After 4 years of focusing on the gym growth, I was able to get my Chiropractic License in NC and Active Health Chiropractic was opened within the gym August 2016.

I thought that having two businesses under one roof to serve the community in search of answers to their health and wellness would work. It has, and grown into something well beyond what I could have ever imagined.

It’s become the “third place” for many members after their home and work. For some, at times, it’s been their “only place” while they were suffering through some difficult times in life. We wanted to create an environment where the happiest hour of your day is spent in our facility. We know that the benefits of such a place can create a better life for the member, their family, and in turn create a small ripple to make the world a better place. Happier and healthier people can accomplish just that!

Despite the fact that we have members ranging from 6 to 74 years young; when I meet people, they put their guard up when they hear “CrossFit”. CrossFit is a powerful, global brand that has rocked the fitness industry, and we are a proud affiliate and will continue in the future. When we opened in 2013 it was a CrossFit affiliate that only offered CrossFit classes. Now, it’s become much more!  The greatest growth came on the fitness side where we now offer programs including a 30 day On Ramp program for beginners, 1-on-1 personal training, CrossFit, CrossLite, Mobility Fit,  Nutrition coaching, Kid’s Class, Specialty Courses, Corporate Wellness Training and more.

With my Chiropractic Education, we can get you stronger and healthier even with an injury or ailment. Technique and form is key at CrossFit HVL.  We have designed workouts for just about every limitation you can think of. Don’t tell us you can’t… because… we know you can! We have seen it!

We have a team of Coaches and Interns committed to making this the best experience for every person that walks through our doors. This community has grown every year and it fuels my passion for health, fitness and wellness and these people motivate me to be the best I can. Between the Doctor of Chiropractic degree, continuing ed Certs every year since 2003, Biomechanics expert, NASM personal training Cert, CrossFit Level 1 course and 5 CrossFit Specialty courses, Eat to Perform Certificate, 18 years of Personal Training experience, to owning a personal training studio for 9 years and working in the health and fitness industry… you won’t find a better or more qualified person in Hendersonville to make sure you take care of your body while pushing it to be the best it can be. Let us join you, wherever you are at  in your journey, to be a better you.


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