Drop Ins

Drop-Ins are for experienced CrossFitters only

If you are interested in trying CrossFit for the first time, please schedule a Free Consult and No Sweat Intro

What is your drop-in fee?

Our Drop-in fee is $15. It includes group classes and Open Gym. If you are in town for a couple of days or longer, email hvlcrossfit@gmail.com for other pricing options.

May I buy a t-shirt for my drop-in fee?

Our Drop-In fee with a T-shirt is $25.We encourage our Drop-In athletes to leave a positive review on Google.

Do I need to reserve a spot or contact anyone?

We do not require you to reserve a spot. We just ask that you come 10 minutes early to fill out the waiver and introduce yourself.

I just relocated/looking for a new gym and I’d like to check you out prior to joining.

If you are experienced CrossFitter or  Weightlifter, we will give you a complimentary day. You can find more information about this under “Experienced CrossFitters”.

Can I do my own thing during class?

For any experienced CrossFitters or Weightlifters, we have an Open Gym area where you can follow your own programming. We only ask that you follow our house rules. They are: 1. Class has priority. 2.Safety first ALWAYS. 3. Have fun!



1. Community

We are dedicated to creating a supportive and safe environment where people are challenged by friends, not strangers.

2. Empowerment

We want to empower you to become stronger and more confident in your fitness journey, whether continuing or just beginning.

3. Respect

We strive to ignite a sense of strength, determination and success that contributes to a higher quality of life for others and ourselves.

4. Transparency

We promise to be real, honest and always up-front. What you see is what you get.

5. Fun

We will never take ourselves too seriously. We train because we love to train, and we love the people who train with us. Yes, we will always make our time together effective, results-driven, and emotionally and physically rewarding—but we will also keep it fun!

Let’s connect

Your first class is free.

live smart.live strong.love life.love you


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