Beginners Welcome!


Beginners Welcome!


Beginners Welcome!


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Schedule your Free 1 on 1 Consult and No Sweat Intro

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Meet with our Director of Training. Everyone is different so we want to hear about your fitness history, goals, and how to best coach you. You’ll also complete a brief No Sweat Intro.

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Start your 30 day On Ramp journey. You’ll be paired up with a professional coach to begin an individually-tailored program built around your schedule and goals

We Are A Gym Like No Other.

We dare greatly and provide one another the support, the accountability, the motivation, and the backbone to live out each day STRONGER than the day before.


It’s easier to make better lifestyle choices, and stick with them surrounded by friends who are doing the same.


We believe that true strength carries over into everything you do.

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We also believe that everyone’s strengths are different.

Don’t Take Our Word, See What Our Members Say

We care about the community and it shows in everything we do.

Every WOD Fights Cancer!

It was five years ago today that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was always pretty active, and in the best shape of my life after running and working out with a personal trainer for the year prior.

Throughout surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation I continued to work out, but with less stamina.

One week after I completed treatment, my husband and I moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina. I looked for a gym and similar type of training and found CrossFit HVL. The one-hour workouts (or WODs) included cardio, strength training and coaching in a small group.

Now that I’ve worked out at CrossFit HVL for the past three and a half years, I am even stronger and more fit than my pre-cancer condition. And at 57, I continue to build strength, stamina and learn new skills.

The American Cancer Society, along with other health organizations, recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise per week as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That why I say “Every WOD Fights Cancer”

A major part of maintaining my healthy is being a member of this CrossFit HVL community. Not only do I get the necessary physical training, but I am supported and encouraged by skilled and professional coaching and a caring community of friends and families. We’re all on a health journey together.

Working out at CrossFit HVL won’t guarantee that I won’t have cancer again or any other ailment, but it will assure that I will be better prepared to handle whatever comes my way.

I encourage anyone of any age or skill level to make CrossFit HVL a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Judy Nutwell| 4 Year Member

My name is Sarah Saltz and I have been married for 17 years and have four children.

I have no athletic background at all. After my third child my husband was interested in CrossFit and thought we should both give it a try. I was very skeptical, but I did indeed need to do something about the accumulated baby weight that wasn’t going away! My husband came in first and was pumped and told me to give it a try. I called and talked with Shelly and told her I could not even do one pull-up since there were pull-ups in the workout of the day. She assured me they would modify anything I needed and to come in and give it a try. So I did! I did not love it at first but within the next two to three weeks of coming 3 days a week I was hooked! All of it. I loved the challenge, I would walk in and see the WOD and say there is no way I can do this; and yet I would walk out feeling like a champion because I DID it. The mental and self esteem it gave me was amazing, especially to a stay at home mom with three littles.

I stayed with it and grew in strength and saw results in my body and still today after four children and coming close to forty I feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my life. I was able to CrossFit through my entire pregnancy and was blown away by my recovery this time around. Even going for a lite run only a week after giving birth. Cant even express my love for this sport and the community that is more like a family. After four years I am still humbled by what there is to learn and to improve myself on. It never gets old. I never say boy I don’t want to go to the gym today, like what I hear from all of my peers. I am truly thankful for CrossFit!

Sarah Saltz | 4 Year Member

CrossFit HVL Perks

Our passion is to create a safe, effective, training environment with a supportive community of like minded individuals.
We have been helping members of our community improve their lives through effective functional fitness since 2013. Our program prides itself on coaching proper technique on every movement we do.
When you join us you are joining a supportive community of diverse members with many different needs all working hard to improve their lives through fitness.

We are a part of the Community.

Thanks to our local partners and athletes, a portion of your membership gives back to Hendersonville charities and organizations.

We Are A 5 Star Gym.

Our reviews speak for themselves.

4.9 out of 5

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4.9 out of 5

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